Retired US Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann Speaks on Future of US Policy in Afghanistan.

9-11-18 The guest speaker was Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann (Ret.), former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Bahrain and Algeria. Ambassador Neumann is now president of the American Academy of Diplomacy. Ambassador Neumann spoke about the future of U.S. policy in Afghanistan. Success in Afghanistan is possible if success is defined as preventing the country from becoming a launching pad for terrorist attacks on the U.S. and its allies. There must be military, political and economic elements, and great patience is required. The greatest mistake the Obama administration made was to set timelines for disengagement, which caused friends to doubt U.S. commitment and enemies to persist. Ambassador Neumann is the author of “The Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan” and “Three Embassies, Four Wars: a Personal Memoir”. To contact Ambassador Neumann, please do so at the Academy at:

President Katey Boerner recognized members with Perfect Attendance from 5 years to 53 years.

9-4-18  President Katey Boerner recognized members with perfect attendance pins. Our club has amazing members with long-standing perfect attendance records.  Be sure to congratulate them. 
Ashby Chamberlin       53 years
Don Balderson    49 years
That’s right, Ashby for 53 yrs, and Don for 49 yrs, have either attended, or made up weekly meetings. Wow that’s amazing!  There are nine other members trying to catch them.
Don Heath has 33 yrs, France Pruitt 29 yrs, Tom Kwako 29 yrs, Shuko Yoshikami 23 yrs, Rich Carson 17 yrs, Johnny Young 13 yrs, Lawrence Kotchek 13 yrs, Greg Wims 12 yrs, and Barbara Ott with 5 yrs.    

PP Alex presented a few awards to members that went beyond the Rotary norm last year.  
Mark Scott received a Service Above Self Award, Alison Santighian received a Rotary scarf for her work on the Board, and Will Pumphrey receive a Rotary Bow Tie to add to his collection for being a Sergeant-at-Arms. 

B-CC RC member France Pruitt talks about her latest book "Resilience and Compassion, Surviving the Holocaust".

8-28-18   France, a survivor of the Holocaust, summarized the major reasons for her survival and that of her family, which are described in her book "Resilience and Compassion, Surviving the Holocaust".  Thanks to the Huguenots  (Protestants) in the Cevennes mountains of France, all of them survived.  Those people not only taught them to be farmers, allowing them to be self-sustained and finally hid them in their homes when the family was slated to be sent to a concentration camp.  Two other major factors gave them a chance to live: her parents long range planning skills and ability to adjust to new and difficult situations.  There were also elements of good luck.  France and her family immigrated to the US when she was 16.

Kara Vanderkamp spoke on August 21st about the Remember Niger Coalition and Hamsa Center Project

8-21-18  Kara VanderKamp spoke about the Remember Niger Coalition (RNC) program and how it has  expanded quality educational opportunities in Niger, West Africa, one of the least developed and least educated countries in the world.  Only 38% of children attend primary school in Niger, and only 11% attend middle school.  The Remember Niger Coalition has built and operates 10 six-room primary schools serving 2300 students.  There is special emphasis on the education of girls.  The RNC is the beneficiary of a Rotary Global Grant and a B-CC Foundation Grant.

Women Who Care Ministries receives $2,000 grant from the B-CC Rotary Club Foundation

Judith Clark, of Women Who Care Ministries (WWCM), received a $2,000 check from B-CC Rotary Club Foundation for their Helping Kids Eat Backpack Weekend Meal Program.  Starting in September B-CC Rotary Club will pick up bins of food from WWCM and re-package them individually for the kids.  The packaged food is then delivered to a local Elementary School. 


On August 14th Jeremy Robbins, Executive Director of New American Economy, spoke on the important topic of immigration.

8/14/18 Jeremy Robbins, Executive Director of New American Economy.  Mr. Robbins's organization was invented by Michael Bloomberg to try to inject economic realities into discussions about immigration.  Often, one side argues human rights and needs, and the other argues law and order, and the conversation goes nowhere.  Mr. Robbins cited many economic facts about migrants.  For example, 40% of S&P 500 companies are headed by immigrants.  Whole industries, like agriculture, would suffer without immigrants.  Some immigrants unquestionably impose costs on the economy, but in general immigration has been a tremendous boon to the US economy. 

Martina Vanderburg talks about the Human Trafficking Legal Center.

7/31/18  Martina Vandenburg spoke about the Human Trafficking Legal Center.  Although “trafficking” evokes kidnapping for sexual slavery, most cases involve immigrants on J-1 work visas who are illegally exploited by their employers.  The victims of forced labor and involuntary servitude are office cleaners, hospitality workers, farm laborers, and others whom we see in daily life.  Recent innovations in the fight against trafficking include: analysis of international money flows, lawsuits by workers, represented by pro bono attorneys, against employers, education of workers entering the US, and work with innovative partners, for example health care providers.  Visit  Ask for the Power point.

Andres Friedson, Democratic Primary winner District 1, spoke about challenges in Montgomery County.

7-24-18  Andrew Friedson, Democratic Primary winner in District 1, spoke last week.  He will focus on fiscal & economic policy in government.  Montgomery County faces several challenges: aging of population, defining wages, and replacement of good jobs with lesser jobs. MoCo is facing pressure on its $5.6 billion budget for 1.1 million people, of which 250,000 live in District 1.  Average growth rate has dropped in half in comparing 1998-2008 and 2008-2018. We need “Outcome based” metrics to measure success in government functions.