Trevor Patzer spoke about the Little Sisters Fund (LSF).

1-22-19 Trevor Patzer spoke about the Little Sisters Fund (LSF) that was established in 1998. LSF began with a single scholarship for one girl. Since then it has grown to support the education of over 2,800 girls in 21 districts of Nepal through eleven complementary and interlocking programs of support that tackle multiple dimensions of injustice. LSF fights the injustices of gender discrimination, child trafficking, child marriage, and child labor by taking a holistic approach rooted in education. We improve the lives of girls in Nepal by providing long-term scholarships to economically disadvantaged and at-risk girls (up to 12th grade) who would otherwise not attend or continue school. 

⦁ Year-on-year continuation rate of over 98%.

⦁ 99% average pass rate on the School Education Exam (SEE), with three times the national average of top performers.

⦁ Double the national class 12 exam pass rate.

⦁ 97% average or above average class rank.

⦁ Over 90% of graduates continue on to tertiary education after high school. 

Since 1998, LSF has supported more than 2,800 girls in Nepal. Currently, we are committed to supporting the full education, through the 12th grade, of over 2,000 girls.