Nutrition Specialist C. LuLu Fulda talks about the history of US dietary guidelines.

2-12-19 C. LuLu Fulda RD, LDN, CNSC, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Suburban Hospital talked about the history of US dietary guidelines and how they have changed over the years, providing the latest guidance emphasizing an overall diet, not specific measurements. Recommendations for the “Fab Four” over the last 60 years have changed: Eggs went from good to OK, Margarine went from good to bad, and back to good again on “reformulated margarines”, Nuts went from good to bad and back to good, & Wine went from good to OK to bad, then back to Ok “in moderation”.

The current recommendations are: Eat a healthy and balanced diet: • Whole grains • Fruits/vegetables • Lean Protein • Unsaturated Fats (oils, nuts, seeds) • Plant based protein (beans, soy) • Limit processed foods (high in sodium) • Limit saturated fats <7% of calories, avoid trans fats, limit cholesterol to 200 mg/day • Limit refined carbohydrates (sweets, sugary beverages) • Alcohol in moderation • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight • Participate in physical activity.