B-CC RC member France Pruitt talks about her latest book "Resilience and Compassion, Surviving the Holocaust".

8-28-18   France, a survivor of the Holocaust, summarized the major reasons for her survival and that of her family, which are described in her book "Resilience and Compassion, Surviving the Holocaust".  Thanks to the Huguenots  (Protestants) in the Cevennes mountains of France, all of them survived.  Those people not only taught them to be farmers, allowing them to be self-sustained and finally hid them in their homes when the family was slated to be sent to a concentration camp.  Two other major factors gave them a chance to live: her parents long range planning skills and ability to adjust to new and difficult situations.  There were also elements of good luck.  France and her family immigrated to the US when she was 16.