District Governor Rich Glover visits B-CC Rotary Club

7-10-17   President Katey Boerner “officially” began her year as Club President.  District Governor Rich Glover made his official visit to the club.  He was accompanied by Area Governor Russell Lacey.  DG Rich has been a Rotarian for 27 yrs and is a member of the Southern Frederick County RC.  The 2018-19 theme is “Be the Inspiration”.  DG Rich spoke about his focus for the 2018-19 year. 
1.  Membership- average annual attrition rate is  14%,  key is to lead with introduction to a club project.
2.  Improving public image & awareness- only 5% of general public knows about Rotary.
3.  Humanitarian Service- ask local stakeholders what their most pressing needs are in the community. 
4.  Opioid Awareness.