Steve Hull, Bethesda Magazine, spoke about the upcoming elections in Montgomery County.

6-12-18  Steve Hull, Editor and Publisher of Bethesda Magazine gave an election analysis. The Democratic Primary election on June 26 is the most interesting and consequential election ever.  Of importance, a referendum on what kind of county we want to live in; more suburban vs. more urban.  A tipping point on either will slow development, or not.  There are 34 candidates for Montgomery County Council because of term limits, retirements by incumbents, and reaction to Donald Trump.  County Executive race has 6 Democratic candidates.  The two front runners are David Blair (progressive liberal- “pro-development”, on right course  in terms of development in MC), and Marc Elrich (far left/”Socialist”- wants to go back to “the way it was”, has the business community concerned).  In 2014 “off year” election, MC had 16% turnout of voters.  Steve predicts if it’s not much higher this year, Marc Elrich will win.