Interesting Talk by Richard Bendis, CEO of BioHealth Innovations, on the BioHealth Industry.

5-8-18    Richard Bendis, President & CEO of BioHealth Innovation, Inc spoke about the BioHealth industry. BioHealth is a hugely powerful intermediary in the Washington area BioHealth industry, which has come to be known as “Bio Health Capital.”  The DC/MD/VA area has become a national contender for Biohealth companies comparable to Silicon Valley in California and Route 28 in the Boston area. BioHealth Innovation serves a conduit for public and private investment in the industry and, among its members, includes such bio giants as MedImmune, Roche and the Mitre Corporation.  They also serve as an incubator for startups and often make their own investment in emerging technologies.  Mr. Bendis’ talk was a great introduction to the powerful and exciting science of the biotechnology.  To learn more go