Shirley Higuchi Speaks on Heart Mountain, location of WWII Japanese Internment Camp

10-17-17   Ms. Shirley Higuchi, a lawyer and Chairman of the Board of the Heart Mountain Foundation, discussed the history Heart Mountain and the Foundation. Heart Mountain, located just east of Cody, Wyoming, served as the location of a WW II Japanese Internment Camp established via Executive Order by President Truman. Ms. Higuchi’s grandparents were interned at Heart Mountain. Ms. Higuchi described life at the camp including an incident in which 63 individuals were drafted, refused to serve, served time at Leavenworth prison but were pardoned by President Truman and released after the war. Today, the Foundation operates a museum located at the site of the Camp, which is open to the public telling the history of Heart Mountain and the U.S. program of interning Japanese Americans during the duration of WW II.