On August 14th Jeremy Robbins, Executive Director of New American Economy, spoke on the important topic of immigration.

8/14/18 Jeremy Robbins, Executive Director of New American Economy.  Mr. Robbins's organization was invented by Michael Bloomberg to try to inject economic realities into discussions about immigration.  Often, one side argues human rights and needs, and the other argues law and order, and the conversation goes nowhere.  Mr. Robbins cited many economic facts about migrants.  For example, 40% of S&P 500 companies are headed by immigrants.  Whole industries, like agriculture, would suffer without immigrants.  Some immigrants unquestionably impose costs on the economy, but in general immigration has been a tremendous boon to the US economy. 

Martina Vanderburg talks about the Human Trafficking Legal Center.

7/31/18  Martina Vandenburg spoke about the Human Trafficking Legal Center.  Although “trafficking” evokes kidnapping for sexual slavery, most cases involve immigrants on J-1 work visas who are illegally exploited by their employers.  The victims of forced labor and involuntary servitude are office cleaners, hospitality workers, farm laborers, and others whom we see in daily life.  Recent innovations in the fight against trafficking include: analysis of international money flows, lawsuits by workers, represented by pro bono attorneys, against employers, education of workers entering the US, and work with innovative partners, for example health care providers.  Visit www.htlegalcenter.org.  Ask Tom@TomHoop.net for the Power point.

Andres Friedson, Democratic Primary winner District 1, spoke about challenges in Montgomery County.

7-24-18  Andrew Friedson, Democratic Primary winner in District 1, spoke last week.  He will focus on fiscal & economic policy in government.  Montgomery County faces several challenges: aging of population, defining wages, and replacement of good jobs with lesser jobs. MoCo is facing pressure on its $5.6 billion budget for 1.1 million people, of which 250,000 live in District 1.  Average growth rate has dropped in half in comparing 1998-2008 and 2008-2018. We need “Outcome based” metrics to measure success in government functions.                 www.andrewfriedson.com 

District Governor Rich Glover visits B-CC Rotary Club

7-10-17   President Katey Boerner “officially” began her year as Club President.  District Governor Rich Glover made his official visit to the club.  He was accompanied by Area Governor Russell Lacey.  DG Rich has been a Rotarian for 27 yrs and is a member of the Southern Frederick County RC.  The 2018-19 theme is “Be the Inspiration”.  DG Rich spoke about his focus for the 2018-19 year. 
1.  Membership- average annual attrition rate is  14%,  key is to lead with introduction to a club project.
2.  Improving public image & awareness- only 5% of general public knows about Rotary.
3.  Humanitarian Service- ask local stakeholders what their most pressing needs are in the community. 
4.  Opioid Awareness.      

Jacques Paul Klein, Former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations (Ret.) speaks about the UN mission in Liberia "UNMIL".

6-26-18  At our last meeting Jacques Paul Klein, Former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations (Ret.) spoke about the United Nations Mission in Liberia “UNMIL”.  The UN peace keeping effort involved 18,000 personnel with four objectives. 1.Disarmament 2.Re-integration in society. 3.Re-location of refugees. 4. Fair elections.  The UN’s budget was $800 million and it continued work in Liberia for another 12 years after Klein’s departure in 2005.  The 15 year mission just closed in April 2018. 


Informative presentation by Judge James A. Bonifant on the Judicial Election process.

6-19-18  Judge James A. Bonifant spoke about the Judicial Election process in Montgomery Co. Maryland has adopted the “Missouri system” for seating judges, after an extensive vetting process the Judicial Nominating Commission recommends nominees to Governor and the Governor then appoints.  Thereafter the appointee must stand for election to a 15 yr term.  Mandatory retirement at the age of 70.  This year in Circuit 6 there are 8 persons running for 7 spots.  It is a non-partisan race and candidates will appear on both Republican and Democratic ballots. 

Steve Hull, Bethesda Magazine, spoke about the upcoming elections in Montgomery County.

6-12-18  Steve Hull, Editor and Publisher of Bethesda Magazine gave an election analysis. The Democratic Primary election on June 26 is the most interesting and consequential election ever.  Of importance, a referendum on what kind of county we want to live in; more suburban vs. more urban.  A tipping point on either will slow development, or not.  There are 34 candidates for Montgomery County Council because of term limits, retirements by incumbents, and reaction to Donald Trump.  County Executive race has 6 Democratic candidates.  The two front runners are David Blair (progressive liberal- “pro-development”, on right course  in terms of development in MC), and Marc Elrich (far left/”Socialist”- wants to go back to “the way it was”, has the business community concerned).  In 2014 “off year” election, MC had 16% turnout of voters.  Steve predicts if it’s not much higher this year, Marc Elrich will win.  

Rotary International's President Ian H.S. Riseley Visits Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club

6-6-18   The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club was honored to have Rotary International President Ian H.S. Riseley and his wife Past District Governor Juliet Riseley visit the club.  B-CC Rotary Club presented RI President Ian and Juliet with a $200 contribution to their Endowment Fund.  Another $1,500(appx) was added by generous Rotarians and guests.  RI President Ian presented John Hanson with a special recognition, and Paul Harris Fellow awards to Chris Jones, Heather Hanson(MBRC) and David Trone.  Thanks to District Governor, and also a B-CC member, Greg Wims for arranging RI President Ian’s visit.