Kick Off For Turkey Chase 35th Annual Charity Race on Thanksgiving Morning

11-21-17   The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club and the Kiwanis Club of Bethesda held their joint meeting on Tuesday to kick off the 35th Annual Turkey Chase Race on Thanksgiving morning.  Guest speaker Richard Leotta talked about how the tragic death of his 24 year old son Noah, a Montgomery County Police Officer, lead to Maryland's passing of Noah's Law.  In 2015 Noah volunteered for the Montgomery County Police Alcohol Holiday Task Force, and was struck and killed by a multiple time offender reckless and irresponsible drunk driver while making a roadside stop of another suspected impaired diver.  Officer Noah Leotta was killed by the exact crime he was trying to protect us from.  On October 1, 2016 Noah's Law was passed,  requiring ignition interlock devises be installed in cars of convicted drunk drivers.  



The Turkey Chase is the largest fundraiser for the B-CC Rotary Club and YMCA BCC, two of Montgomery County's most notable organizations.  Over $4.9 million has been raised since the race's inception to improve the lives of thousands of at-risk children and families in our community.   This year, Whole Foods is the Title Sponsor.  The event's popularity, history and program benefits make it a perfect fit for those seeking opportunities to give back to the local community.   

Carla Larrick, Director of YMCA BCC talks about 35th Turkey Chase Race and YMCA

10-31-17    Carla Larrick, of YMCA BCC talked about 35 years of Turkey Chase, raising over $4.9 million, and gave us a sneak preview of this year’s shirt.  PDG Bob Hanson, a Rotarian for over 64 yrs, has been involved with YMCA BCC since 1963.  Five B-CC Rotary club charter members secured the land and built the YMCA building.  A new YMCA building will be built at the same location and ready in the spring of 2018.  For more information on Turkey Chase 35th Annual Charity Race go to .  

Paul Taylor Speaks on US Demographics at Play

11-7-14 Guest speaker Paul Taylor talked about the next America. Demographic focuses at play in US with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, & will continue until 2030!  By 2050 US will be white minority, immigration is driving our demographic makeover. Social Security implications-in 1945 US had 42 workers for every beneficiary, in 2010 there were only 3 workers.  Author of  the book  “The Next America”.  

Mary Robinson of Capacity Partners talks about Organizational Vitality

10-24-17  Mary Robinson of Capacity Partners talked about Organizational Vitality.  The 4 Pillars are Vision, Leadership, Goals and Engagement.  It aligns positive energy within the entire system of an organization. The heart of making a non-profit organization resilient, successful and be loved. “Culture eats strategy for lunch”, Peter Drucker.  For more information go to



Shirley Higuchi Speaks on Heart Mountain, location of WWII Japanese Internment Camp

10-17-17   Ms. Shirley Higuchi, a lawyer and Chairman of the Board of the Heart Mountain Foundation, discussed the history Heart Mountain and the Foundation. Heart Mountain, located just east of Cody, Wyoming, served as the location of a WW II Japanese Internment Camp established via Executive Order by President Truman. Ms. Higuchi’s grandparents were interned at Heart Mountain. Ms. Higuchi described life at the camp including an incident in which 63 individuals were drafted, refused to serve, served time at Leavenworth prison but were pardoned by President Truman and released after the war. Today, the Foundation operates a museum located at the site of the Camp, which is open to the public telling the history of Heart Mountain and the U.S. program of interning Japanese Americans during the duration of WW II. 

Tom and Barbara Allen Speak about "Substance Use Disorder"

10-3-17  Barbara and Tom Allen spoke passionately about “Substance Use Disorder”. Our own DG Greg Wims focused on this public health crisis with his Opioid Addition Awareness Forums. Biggest issue is “stigma” associated with disease of addiction. It is a complex & systemic problem in every segment of society that knows no social or racial boundaries. There were two take aways: 1) Learn the signs and symptoms of Opioid misuse.  2) Obtain and learn how to administer Naloxone (drug that blocks effects of Opium).  For more information go to: