Rotary International's President Ian H.S. Riseley Visits Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club

6-6-18   The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club was honored to have Rotary International President Ian H.S. Riseley and his wife Past District Governor Juliet Riseley visit the club.  B-CC Rotary Club presented RI President Ian and Juliet with a $200 contribution to their Endowment Fund.  Another $1,500(appx) was added by generous Rotarians and guests.  RI President Ian presented John Hanson with a special recognition, and Paul Harris Fellow awards to Chris Jones, Heather Hanson(MBRC) and David Trone.  Thanks to District Governor, and also a B-CC member, Greg Wims for arranging RI President Ian’s visit. 

Fun Evening at the Installation of B-CC Club and Foundation Boards

5-29-18   Last Tuesday was a night of fellowship and fun as DG Greg installed the 2018-19 Club and Foundation Boards. 2018-19 Club President Katey Boerner, 
PE Mark Pape, VP Beyhan Trock, Secretary Don Heath, Treasurer Ken Hartman.  6 Directors are Narayanan Ramachandran, Alison Santighian, Varda Fink, Cari Cho, Porter Shreve, Anand Seth. 
2018-19 Foundation President Alex Assaley, Secretary Barbara Ott, Treasurer Ken Hartman and 4 Directors: Anabel Quintero, Monique Sanfuentes, Mike Wehr, & Johnny Young. Congratulations!

Jack Smith, Superintendent of Montgomery Schools Speaks About School System.

5-22-18  Jack Smith, Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools, spoke about the Montgomery County School district being the largest school system in MD with 162,000 students. The $2.6 billion budget operates 205 schools, 1300 busses, 23K employees, and serves 18 million meals annually. The challenges include safety, bulling and serving a diverse student body- 32% Hispanic/Latin, 28% White, 21% Black/African American, and 14% Asian.  For more information go to     

Interesting Talk by Richard Bendis, CEO of BioHealth Innovations, on the BioHealth Industry.

5-8-18    Richard Bendis, President & CEO of BioHealth Innovation, Inc spoke about the BioHealth industry. BioHealth is a hugely powerful intermediary in the Washington area BioHealth industry, which has come to be known as “Bio Health Capital.”  The DC/MD/VA area has become a national contender for Biohealth companies comparable to Silicon Valley in California and Route 28 in the Boston area. BioHealth Innovation serves a conduit for public and private investment in the industry and, among its members, includes such bio giants as MedImmune, Roche and the Mitre Corporation.  They also serve as an incubator for startups and often make their own investment in emerging technologies.  Mr. Bendis’ talk was a great introduction to the powerful and exciting science of the biotechnology.  To learn more go

Great Club Discussion Lead by Alison Santighian on Membership

5-15-18      Our very own Alison Santighian led a discussion concerning how our club could build its membership.  Her program followed a member comment period of several weeks and discussions with her Membership Committee and the B-CC RC Board of Directors.  The first suggestion was that members should be encouraged to bring guests to our luncheon and those guests should become aware that we are looking for new members.
A further suggestion was outlined that we consider allowing different classes of membership, which might have a broader appeal to potential members.  Among those optional member ship categories are:
•    Classic Membership
•    Corporate Membership
•    Social and Emerging Leaders Membership
•    Service Lane Membership
It was also suggested from the floor that our website should clearly explain how and why to become a member of our Rotary Club.  
We continue to look for suggestions and encourage all members to put forth an effort to encourage friends, neighbors and acquaintances to join in our valuable community service organization.

B-CC Members & Others Talk About Club's involvement with Rotary International Global Grants..

5-1-18   Anand Seth, Tom Hoopengardner, Narayanan Ramachandran and others spoke about B-CC Club’s involvement with RI Global Grants.  Club’s focus is health and education.  Keys to success are sustainability and setting measurable goals, meeting true community needs, and involvement by local Rotary clubs and the community.  B-CC is involved with 5 active Global Grant projects: Vimuki Girls School, Nareshwadi Tribal School, Balochistan Education, SRGVVK Education, and Bangalore Blindness Prevention. There are 2 pending Global Grant projects: Honduras Education and Niger Girls Education.

Dr. Donald L. Trump Talks About Progress in Cancer Care and Treatment.

4/10/18   Dr. Donald L. Trump, a Medical Oncologist at INOVA Medical Group, talked about the progress in cancer care and treatment.  There are better outcomes at dedicated cancer centers due to interdisciplinary care and integration of care.  Their facility will open in early 2019 in Fairfax, VA.  He has seen great advancements in immunotherapy.  Other advancements are in the mapping of the genome of cancers.  Go to for more information.