Donald Graham speaks about creating The Dream US, a scholarship fund for DACA "Dreamers".

3/5/19 Donald Graham joined his family’s newspaper, the Washington Post, eventually becoming Chairman of the Board. Mr. Graham became concerned that DACA “Dreamers” have no access to the usual sources of financial aid and loans for post-secondary education, without which they are at a scholastic and professional dead end when they finish high school. He joined other philanthropists to create The Dream.US, a scholarship fund that in its first three years committed over $100 million in postsecondary scholarships to nearly 3,000 Dreamer Scholars.

Mike Canning talks about his book, Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, DC.

2-19-16 Our speaker was Mike Canning, whose love affair with movies started when he was four years old. Mike reviewed for us his book, Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, DC. Canning’s book examines how Washington has been depicted in over 50 movies. Canning offered intriguing insights into Washington history and lore. Before starting his second career with the movies, Canning was a Foreign Service Officer for 28 years, serving in 8 countries on 4 continents.

Nutrition Specialist C. LuLu Fulda talks about the history of US dietary guidelines.

2-12-19 C. LuLu Fulda RD, LDN, CNSC, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Suburban Hospital talked about the history of US dietary guidelines and how they have changed over the years, providing the latest guidance emphasizing an overall diet, not specific measurements. Recommendations for the “Fab Four” over the last 60 years have changed: Eggs went from good to OK, Margarine went from good to bad, and back to good again on “reformulated margarines”, Nuts went from good to bad and back to good, & Wine went from good to OK to bad, then back to Ok “in moderation”.

The current recommendations are: Eat a healthy and balanced diet: • Whole grains • Fruits/vegetables • Lean Protein • Unsaturated Fats (oils, nuts, seeds) • Plant based protein (beans, soy) • Limit processed foods (high in sodium) • Limit saturated fats <7% of calories, avoid trans fats, limit cholesterol to 200 mg/day • Limit refined carbohydrates (sweets, sugary beverages) • Alcohol in moderation • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight • Participate in physical activity.

Frank Van Riper speaks about his latest book of photographs, Recovered Memory: New York & Paris 1960-1980

2-5-19 Frank Van Riper, a journalist at the New York Daily News for 20 years, followed by 19 years as photography columnist at the Washington Post.  Mr. Van Riper spoke about his latest book of photographs, Recovered Memory: New York & Paris 1960-1980, and showed images from the book.  Mr. Van Riper's book is “a meditation on time and place: before the internet and 24/7 news; when one could visit the Eiffel Tower without seeing police and automatic weapons, when a ride on the New York subway cost 15 cents, when the smell of fresh-baked baguettes wafted over nearly every Parisian neighborhood, and when the Coney Island parachute ride still thrilled thousands.”

Joyce Johnson (RADM Ret.) spoke about global health and travel.

1-29-19 Joyce Johnson (RADM Ret.) spoke about global health and travel. She is both a physician and Admiral, having been the Surgeon General of the US Coast Guard. Joyce has extensive experience on all seven continents, and talked about health and safety issues whether traveling to the South Pole or Downtown DC. Surprises are everywhere (yes, rabid animals have recently been confirmed in Chevy Chase).  While on active duty, she also worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as one of the first AIDS researchers. Other government assignments included the Food and Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health. She has been active with the Veteran's Administration having served on the Commission on Care and other advisory committees.  Joyce is a professor (clinical and adjunct) at Georgetown University. As a physician, she is board certified in Preventive Medicine, Psychiatry, and Clinical Pharmacology, and is a Certified Addiction Specialist.

Trevor Patzer spoke about the Little Sisters Fund (LSF).

1-22-19 Trevor Patzer spoke about the Little Sisters Fund (LSF) that was established in 1998. LSF began with a single scholarship for one girl. Since then it has grown to support the education of over 2,800 girls in 21 districts of Nepal through eleven complementary and interlocking programs of support that tackle multiple dimensions of injustice. LSF fights the injustices of gender discrimination, child trafficking, child marriage, and child labor by taking a holistic approach rooted in education. We improve the lives of girls in Nepal by providing long-term scholarships to economically disadvantaged and at-risk girls (up to 12th grade) who would otherwise not attend or continue school. 

⦁ Year-on-year continuation rate of over 98%.

⦁ 99% average pass rate on the School Education Exam (SEE), with three times the national average of top performers.

⦁ Double the national class 12 exam pass rate.

⦁ 97% average or above average class rank.

⦁ Over 90% of graduates continue on to tertiary education after high school. 

Since 1998, LSF has supported more than 2,800 girls in Nepal. Currently, we are committed to supporting the full education, through the 12th grade, of over 2,000 girls.

Robert Lattin speaks about the Anit-Defamation League (ADL)

1-15-19 The speaker was Robert Lattin of the Anti-Defamation League, the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism. The ADL provides law enforcement and communities with information to combat extremist threats; pursues fair treatment for all, not just Jews, through legislation and the courts; promotes respect for Israel; and promotes respectful schools and communities.

Scott Reading gives his classification talk and Ginanne Italiano talks about The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce..

1-8-19 Newest member Scott Reading gave his classification talk. Scott works at EagleBank in Bethesda, and his classification is Banking- Commercial & Industrial. Scott recently moved to the DC area from Arlington, Texas where he was a member of the Arlington North Rotary Club. He served as their Club President (twice) and as their Treasurer. Alison and France sponsored his membership. Welcome Scott!

Our own Ginanne Italiano, President and CEO of The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the Chamber. Our club is a member of the Chamber which gives club members access to attend their events and activities. Check out the Chamber’s calendar of events and get more information at

Neil Hare speaks about the newly formed Taiwanese-American Chamber of Commerce (TACC).

12-18-18 Neil Hare spoke about the newly formed Taiwanese-American Chamber of Commerce (TACC). The TACC, which opened in September 2018, brings together businesses, trades people, thought leaders and community representatives in order to develop and facilitate trade and economic ties between Taiwan and the US. Taiwan is an island off the coast of China with a population of 25 million. They have been under foreign domination during most of the last four hundred years. Democratic reforms in the 1980’s led to the first-ever direct presidential election in 1996. There is a “strategic ambiguity” about Taiwan’s status. China claims it as a province, and most countries, including the US do not recognize it as a country. Yet it has succeeded so far in maintaining a certain political and economic distance from China.