Keith Oberg Talks About Bikes for the World

9-12-17    Last week’s speaker was Keith Oberg, Executive Director for Bikes for the World.  Bikes for the World is planning to collect and distribute 11,000-12,000 bikes this year.  Over 16 million bikes are purchased in the US annually.  They re-cycle used bikes to transform lives around the world, helping disadvantaged people by improving their access to jobs, education and healthcare.

Turkey Chase Sponsorship Opportunities for Virtual Race Bag

Turkey Chase 35th Year...Thanksgiving, November 23, 2017...a Bethesda Tradition Since 1982.

Virtual Race Bag sponsorship opportunities are available for $500.  Deadline for participation is November 14, 2017.  

Benefits include:  1)  Color Coupon/Ad designed by your business.  2) Emailed to over 5,400 unique emails on day before Race, one week after Race, and in mid-December.  3) Up to 75% of event participants visit the Virtual Race Bag.  4) Engagement rates for individual offers are typically 10 - 25% of visitors.  5) Company mentioned during morning announcements before and after the Race on Race Day. 

For more information contact Jim Audas, B-CC Rotary Turkey Chase Chair at 



B-CC Club President Alex Assaley Talks About Club Initiatives.

9-5-17   President Alex inducted Narayanan Ramachandran, the first of many new members on the horizon. Classification: Computers - Software Co. Executive (Ret.). 
Alex presented the club’s initiatives for the upcoming year.  1) Alison will be working with Okinyi, Will and Lawrence on Membership.  Will Pumphrey is hosting a Bourbon Themed Happy Hour on Sept 21.   2) Turkey Chase Fundraiser is vital to our Club’s Foundation in  supporting Grants.  3) Club’s vision/strategic plan, and having fun with fellowship.      

B-CC Rotary Helps with Heal Victims of Harvey Project

The destruction and devastation of Hurricane Harvey has been alarming and for many of us quite incomprehensible. On the other hand, the response from so many volunteers and unsung heroes is heart-warming and inspiring. There are many great ways to help and if you are looking - our Club member Jim Audas & wife Tiffany, and their awesome kids are leading a drive of essential items & goods to support flood victims and those in need in Texas & Louisiana. Our B-CC Rotary Club is supporting this great mission and will be coordinating with local clubs in Houston and surrounding areas to ensure these Care Packages get in the hands of those that need them

Heal Harvey.jpg

Ann Gallagher of US National Park Service Talks About Benefits of Trees

8-29-17   Ann Gallagher of US National Park Service spoke about how our hard our trees work. Trees are vital to our earth because they consume CO2, water, and sunlight, and then convert that into sugar (food for the trees) and Oxygen (for us).  Well placed trees around our homes are beneficial.  They shield houses from winds, provide shade to reduce cooling costs, clean the air of pollutants and absorbs excess water. One mature Tulip Poplar tree can “drink” 16,000 gallons of water each yr.   For more information:

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Retired US Ambassador Tony Wayne Speaks on Mexico/US Relations

8-22-17   With extensive experience in economics and as Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Wayne shared with us his views on the importance of the U.S. Mexican relationship, with greatest emphasis on the economics of the relationship.  Using a variety of charts and graphs, he showed how trade has grown over the years in both countries, especially since NAFTA.  His charts went into detail on job growth since NAFTA.  In sum, his view is that NAFTA has benefited both countries, but badly needs updating. In this regard, he cautioned a careful approach to the update, so that the baby is not thrown out with the bathwater.